Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hanger to Chip Clip

The Pin...

The Project...
I figured that for my first project, I should do something easy that won't require me to buy new materials. That pin fit the bill perfectly.
Most of the time, pant hangers that aren't removed at the store get tossed out (since it doesn't take much for them to break apart, and toddler feet have a homing device for them). Luckily I did still have a couple in my closet.
Next I had to search for something to use to remove the clips on the ends. The original poster used a saw, but after a quick search of the garage, I found we didn't have one. I ended up grabbing what I can only assume to be a pair of wire cutters from my husband's toolbox.
I had to use a bit of pressure, but it gave a nice clean cut.
About 5 minutes later and all the ends were off. Now I know I could have left it at that, but while functional, I was not a fan of the plain plastic. Plus, knowing my hubby, he wouldn't have understood what they were and might have trashed them. So add another 20 or so minutes at the table with 3 Sharpies...
And voila! Bright and cheery chip clips! Hubby might still ask me what they are, but he definitely won't throw them out.
All that work (can it even be called that when it was pretty fun?) worked up my appetite. So I had some salt and vinegar chips, then put my handiwork to work.

Something New...
So now I get to create a new pin board: I did it! I can't wait to add more pins to that board. Remember to follow me on Pinterest to see more of my pins.

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